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supodum Sep 21 '16

Who doesn't love clarification? And maths.


After the whole Chemgate thing, EA promised more clarity on how chemistry would work in FIFA 17 and earlier this evening they posted some of the calculations that go on behind the scenes to clear up how chemistry can effect a players stats. 

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Rather than rewrite and risk making a mistake, I'll be lazy and copy & paste EA's equations.


The effects of Chemistry are applied to players at the start of the game. These effects are governed by a combination of Team Chemistry and Individual Player Chemistry.

A player in the starting XI: 25% from Team Chemistry & 75% from Individual Player Chemistry.

A player who comes on as a substitute: 25% from Team Chemistry & 75% from Static Individual Player Chemistry of 5.

So whilst substitutes benefit from being in a team with high Chemistry, they won’t receive the effects of Individual Player Chemistry.


The following formula shows how the effects of Chemistry on Player Attributes are calculated:

(Team Chemistry*.25) + ((Player Chemistry*10)*.75)

If the resulting number is greater than 50, players’ attributes start to improve towards their maximum of 99.

If the resulting number is 50, the number is neutral and the player receives no changes from their base attributes.

If the resulting number is 49 or lower, the players’ attributes are reduced towards their minimum of 1.

A player in the Starting XI with 100 Team Chemistry and 10 Player Chemistry

(Team Chemistry*.25) + ((Player Chemistry*10)*.75)

 (100*.25) + ((10*10)*.75)

 = 25 + 75

 = 100 (99)

A Substitute with 100 Team Chemistry

(Team Chemistry*.25) + ((Player Chemistry*10)*.75)

 (100*.25) + ((5*10)*.75)

 = 25 + 37.5

 = 62.5

Obviously you'll have to do your own maths based on your squads, but EA have provided us with a better understanding of what goes on behind the scenes and also cleared up the following:


In game, team management (position/formation changes for example) have no effect on a players starting chemistry.

Players off the bench will have an individual chemistry of 5, regardless of anything else.

It seems obvious, but across a match, stamina will effect the following physical attributes.








In regards to Chemistry Styles, there's a table showing the attribute increases a player with full team and indivual chemistry will recieve, although EA have pointed out that this may vary very slightly from platform to platform based on the way they handle floating point operations prior to chemistry being applied, nerdy, and 0 chem = -25 all round.

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